Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming Pool Cover

Approx Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

The Swimming Pool Cover is the first choice of pool professionals and architects. It is just like any other pool cover but differ in mechanism. The patented mechanism of pool cover is designed to last life time and provide the best investment value. The cover is highly reliable and is almost maintenance free.

The cover mechanism is operated via two hydraulic torque motors, one, which is directly connected to the cover drum and helps in opening the cover and the other one is torque motor that drives the rope reel which closes the cover.

The direction of cover is controlled by turning the key to the desired position (open or close) which actuates a proprietary solenoid valve to send the hydraulic fluid to the corresponding motor either the cover drum to open or the rope reel to close.

This design is elegant yet sturdy and all fluid drive eliminates the clutch (typical on every other automatic cover), and is self adjusting with no need for lubrication.

Special Features
  • Water proof dual drive motor
  • No electric fitting near the pool
  • Quick and easy to open
  • Trouble free leading edge slider
  • Save Money, Energy and time
  • Available with pressure relief valve for gentle stop
  • Fits on almost all type of pool
  • Built-in rainwater removal feature

Swimming Pool Bubble Cover

Approx Price: Rs 85 / Meter 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Meter

 The Swimming Pool Bubble cover floats on the surface of water and helps keep the pool clean. The Swimming Pool Bubble covers can used with a Roller which helps in easy use and storage. We can make these covers for any size and shape of the pool.


Specifications –

  • Type – Bubble cover
  • Size – Customized
  • Color – Blue
  • Thickness – 600 Micron
  • Brand – Austin


  • Keeps the Pool Clean
  • Adds to beauty of the Pool
  • Reduces Chemical Consumption
  • Prevents Algae growth
  • Reduce water Loss
  • Long Life and UV Protected

Bubble Pool Cover

Approx Price: Rs 82 / Square Feet 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Square Feet

We fabricate Bubble Pool Cover to your specifications. Pool Covers reduce chemical and water loss and the water stays clean longer with minimum care. They are also called solar blankets or solar pool covers. The use of bubble pool cover increases water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day - and then retaining that heat at night, plus preserving the heat generated by a solar system, heat pump, or pool heater. The bubbles trap heat in the pool, keeping the pool water warm.

Special Features
  • Material: LDPE
  • Bubble diameter: 8-12mm
  • Thickness: 400 - 600 (micron)
  • Available in every shape & size
  • UV and Chemical Resistant
  • Strong & Heavy duty Border
  • Heat Welded to any size & shape
  • Additional UV & Chemical Protection
  • Grommet punching & winch available
  • Durable, Waterproof & Tear Resistant
  • Saves Water, Chemicals & Cleaning Time
  • Good for above & In ground Pools
  • Compatible with all Pool Reels
  • Long life & easy Installation

Thermal Pool Cover

Approx Price: Rs 85 / Square Feet 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Square Feet

Euro pool covers not only protects the pool from the physical impurities, but also retain the pool’s heat, water and chemical. Pool Cover is remarkably thin & is made from a special plastic polymer that is engineered to be tough, flexible, UV and chemical resistant. Its appearance is one of a flat sheet of plastic film, which is a matt carbon black colour on one side, with a silvery white appearance on the other. The cover is designed for the black side to face the sun & silver side to face the water. Pool Cover transfers heat in one direction and is thermally reflective in the other. The cover is built up as a laminate of 5 layers heat fused together.

Special Features

  • Reduces heat loss & Increase temperature
  • Heat welded to any size and shape
  • Grommet punching and Winch available
  • Durable, Waterproof and Tear Resistant
  • Save water, chemicals and cleaning time
  • Ultra light weight and easy to handle

  • Material: special plastic polymer
  • UV resistant and chemical resistant
  • Black layer traps heat from sun
  • Silver Layer Retains the Pool heat
  • Non-toxic, harmless, anti-UV
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungus
  • Five Laminated Layers

Customized Pool Cover

Approx Price: Rs 85 / Square Feet 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Square Feet

Customized swimming pool covers match the size and shape of your pool. The covers are imported as rolls and are heat welded in India as per the required size. The special Heat Welding technique ensures added strength at the seams.

The pool cover floats on surface of water and come with borders and eyelets. The cover can be loaded on a special roller.


Specifications –

  • Type – Bubble cover
  • Size – Customized
  • Color – Blue
  • Thickness – 600 Micron
  • Brand – Austin


  • Fits to your Pool Size
  • Helps keep the pool clean
  • Imported fabric ensures Long Life

Solar Pool Cover

Approx Price: Rs 85 / Square Feet 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Square Feet

Solar Pool Covers are special type of pool covers that increase the temperature of pool water. Along with retaining pool’s heat, they also help absorb sun’s heat. The solar pool covers are fitted with heavy duty borders, eyelets and are tailored to your pool size and shape. Special Hot Welding ensures extra strength at the seams.


Specifications –

  • Type – Solar cover
  • Size – Customized
  • Color – Blue
  • Thickness – 600 Micron
  • Brand - Austin



  • Helps Heat pool Faster
  • Saves on Pool Heating Cost
  • Heavy Duty and Long Life
  • UV Protected  

Swimming Pool Cover Reel

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Piece 

Manufactured in Stainless Steel (SS 304), our Swimming Pool Cover Roller can be fitted with all types of Swimming pool Covers. The Roller is fixed at one end of the Swimming Pool and the cover is attached to the Roller. Rotating the handle of the Roller helps wind the cover onto the roller. The Roller ensures easy movement of the cover and helps in safe storage of the cover. The special design helps with easy rotation of the roller. The handling of the cover can be reduced to just one person by installing the roller.


  • MOC- SS 304
  • Size – Customized
  • Color: Blue


  • Easy Movement of Cover
  • Safe Storage of cover
  • Increase life of cover
  • Rust Proof and Heavy Duty

Pool Cover Reel

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

There is a common misbelief that pool covers are very difficult to use. But ironically, pool covers are really very user friendly. If you install a reel for your pool cover, putting and removing the pool cover proves to be very easy and can be done by a single person alone.

Swimming Pool Cover Reel will make it an easy one person operation. It increases pool blanket life & Fits almost all kinds of pools.

Special Features

  • Superior control of pool cover handling procedure
  • Reduces process to a one-person operation
  • Caster wheels allow multi-directional movement
  • Unsurpassed quality, dependability and performance
  • Eliminates dragging, folding, and scuffing of cover
  • Significantly extends service life of Pool Cover
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